Welcome to Old Town!

Welcome to Old Town!

The living western town.



With the map of Old Town you will always find your way around the western town!

Old Town grows a little bit more every year, and so not only new buildings can be admired, but also new residents can be met every year.

Welcome To Old Town!


  • Gold digging in the old gold mine
  • Watching the Black Smith forge
  • A sick visit to Doc Walsh
  • A round trip on the Old Town Train
  • Sign the guestbook at the Town Hall
  • Praying at St. Patrick’s Chapel
  • Get a massage at the Gentlemen’s Club
  • Order a whiskey at Mc Ralph
  • Make an appointment with the barber
  • Dressing at the General Store
  • A ride on the Wild Bull
  • Fill out a wanted poster at the sheriff’s office
  • Listen to live music in the Music Hall
  • A visit to the Indian village
  • Buy a coffin from the Undertaker
  • Shopping stuff in Trapper Store
  • Drink a cowboy coffee
  • Try Mexican Nachos
  • Take a photo at the “Photographer
  • A visit to the Pony Hope Ranch
  • Play a round of poker at the casino



The big concert hall in Old Town is called “Music Hall”. In this beautiful saloon ambience international top acts play country music throughout the weekend. On the wooden floor also have the many line dancers with their own dance floor. In the lounge on the balcony on the second floor, our special guests will find themselves in a cozy atmosphere with excellent service, and in the back tiers, the BBQ buffet can be enjoyed comfortably at a saloon table. On the walls in the Music Hall you can see the portraits of the most famous inhabitants of Old Town. 


SAT 23.Sept 10:00 – 15:00 with DJ Röteli

Linedance Workshop – SA 13.00 – Partner: Crossroads Country Club

Please send dance requests to dj.roeteli@bluewin.ch

Admission to the Music Hall – possible every day without a concert

from 10:00 to 17:00 (admission to Western Town required)


Old Town is also home to fantastic BBQ teams! In the big BBQ tent in front of the Music Hall every gourmet will find his personal favorite dish. From venison to fish and steaks, there is everything the BBQ heart desires. Whether Mexican Quesadillas, Buffalo Burger or fine from the Smoker –
there is always a vegetarian version included!

In the Music Hall our special guests may enjoy a unique BBQ Buffet. With our Catering & Charity Partner   “Brüggli” from Romanshorn we have come up with something very special for the Saloon and Lounge seating.


In the Indian country there lives the Indian family “Black Elk”. The Indian Chief Black Elk with his wife and children takes visitors into the world of how the Indians lived many years ago. Very authentic and impressive at the same time.

In the teepees, children can make dream catchers and try out Native American drumming. During the children’s face painting, each child may then also get his or her own war paint.

The totem pole was painted by local children with disabilities.

In addition to the Indian village can also learn to lasso. There will be a real roping champion on the course.


“Don’t dream your life, live your dream” – this is the guideline of the pony & donkey “Hope” sanctuary, around the volunteer animal lovers Angela and Ignaz Wildhaber.

At the Pony Hope Ranch right next to the Indian Village, the brave cowboys and cowgirls can practice their skills on an agility course with the “little horses”. The trusting and patient ponies are suitable for children of all ages.


Howdy Greenhorn! If you think anything of yourself in Old Town, you can’t miss the “Corral Rodeo”! A rodeo is when you ride a wild bull – how long can you last? In the middle of the city stands the stable of the bull “Jenkins the Third”. Only when bullriding you recognize the true cowgirl and the true cowboy! Friday evening is the rodeo for the adults. On Saturday, the little girls and boys can also prove their courage. 

Show your skills and win great prizes!

Tickets for the rodeo can be purchased on site at the “Hank Harris” corral.


At the gates of Old Town stands the Train Station. The journey from the center in Vaduz lands here – the Old Town Train commutes every 30min and takes visitors on a short journey through time. From the Train Station, tours can also be taken on the Old Town Train.

In the locomotive stories about the western town are told – but beware, always be careful, whether the train is not perhaps attacked by crooks!?

Country music at its best!



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